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The island of Grand Bé and Chateaubriand's grave

Enjoy a short break or a long, luxurious stay at The Grand Bé****, the hotel which shares its name with the island that is the resting place of the famous author Chateaubriand. Make some happy memories taking a walk through the stunning landscape.

A walk on the island of Grand Bé

The word "Bey" means tomb in Breton. This rocky outcrop is home to the grave of the famous local writer François-René de Chateaubriand. This uninhabited island is located a few hundred metres from Saint-Malo and is accessible by foot at low tide. When you reach the island, you will see Chateaubriand's grave, where it seems as if the writer is continuing his conversation with the sea. It is, however, the magnificent location and the awe-inspiring view over the citadel and its surroundings that strikes you the most.

This island is a real haven of peace, where only the sounds of the wind and sea can be heard. A spectacular location where you can truly get away from it all. To get there, consult the tide times in advance. Just a few metres away is the Fort of Petit Bé, built by Vauban in the 17thth century, which offers another unforgettable view of the Côte d'Emeraude.

Why The Grand Bé?

The hotel's name, The Grand Bé, celebrates the life and history of Saint-Malo with a nod to the legendary island of the same name, which is dear to the heart of every Saint-Malo resident. Now home to The Grand Bé, this building on the Place des Frères Lamennais square was formerly a courthouse and then the District Administrative Office.

Soak in the history of Saint-Malo from this ideally situated 4 star hotel, which offers premium service and facilities. Spend some truly special time in a captivating location - perfect for a long holiday or a short break. 

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