The bastions of the corsair city

Visit Saint-Malo, a city steeped in history that will leave you with wonderful memories after your holiday or stay. Discover the Bastions from our hotel in the Corsair City of Saint-Malo and soak up its rich past.

Visit the Corsair City of Saint Malo and its bastions
Discover the Bastion Saint-Louis, the Bastion de la Hollande and the Bastion de Saint-Philippe. These three fortifications stand proudly on the ramparts of Saint-Malo and bear witness to the different stages of the history of Saint-Malo. These monuments dating from the 18th century each have a particular story to tell. Choose our hotel in the corsair city of Saint-Malo and enjoy a breathtaking view as you access the ramparts that border the city.

Choose the comfort of a 4-star hotel: Le Grand Bé. This comfort is reflected in its geographical location, as it is situated in the heart of the city, and also in its elegant and pleasant interior. At Le Grand Bé****, let yourself be lulled by the Malouin spirit, and enjoy impeccable service during your stay.

The National Fort of Saint Malo
The fort of Saint-Malo is a bastion located on an island of the corsair city. This historic monument was built in 1689 by the architect Vauban. Its primary role was to protect the port of Saint-Malo and it now offers an impressive testimony to the history of the corsair city. Access the island at low tide and enjoy a guided tour to better understand the history of this fort: from Chateaubriand's memories to the maritime attacks...

Discover an exceptional panorama of the bay and the city of Saint-Malo during your next stay. Admire the sea and take a real bath of oxygen for your holidays. From our hotel, the Corsair City of Saint Malo and its bastions are within reach!